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    We Do One Thing and We Do It Better Than Anyone!

    At Alltech Alarm, your security is our priority. We offer clear pricing and honest service, avoiding pushy sales tactics, long contracts, and unnecessary equipment. Our goal is to provide simple, user-friendly solutions for peace of mind without extra costs.


    For Your Home or Business Alarm Needs - Alltech Simply Makes Sense!


    All the components we recommend at Alltech are proven in performance, customer satisfaction, ease of use, and reliability.

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    IQ Panel 4: Full Alarm.com integration and a great choice when you're installing Alarm.com cameras

    Features that steer us to recommend the IQ4

    Power G Wireless: Best in class wireless receiver for secure long range and exterior sensor installations

    Alarm.com Cameras: In most cases we only recommend Alarm.com for video because it's engineered for security/privacy, encrypted, and very user friendly

    Activity History: Easily view activity history of security sensors, arming/disarming, logins, and video

    Bluetooth Disarm: Combine one touch arming as you leave with blutooth disarming when you arrive and the system gets used more bringing more security

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    Connect Plus: Whether mounted on the wall or tucked away on its base, Connect Plus offers heightened security compared to all-in-one systems.

    Features that steer us to recommend the Connect+

    Affordable Security: Only buy the features you want

    Easiest to install and move: The Connect Plus will change with your needs

    Convenient Remote Access: Effortlessly access and oversee your security system from any location via your smartphone. Receive instant alerts and notifications in real-time for added peace of mind.

  • Alarm Base Packages

    Each system below is equipped with smartphone integration, a backup battery, 1 yard sign, and 4 window stickers.

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    Qolsys IQ4


    The IQ4 includes:

    Power G wireless

    Live Video display at touchpad (including doorbell)

    Dualpath communication (cellular and WIFI)

    Zwave for smarthome devices 

    Includes Installation and Training

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    Connect Plus

    Basic Package


    Master Control with Ethernet

    2 Long Life Door Sensors

    1 Motion Detector

    *Cellular add $129

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    Connect Plus

    Standard Package


    Master Control with Ethernet and Cellular

    LED Keypad

    2 Long Life Door Sensors

    1 Motion Detector

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    Connect Plus

    Touchscreen Package $559.00

    Master Control with Ethernet and Cellular

    Slimline Pro Touchpad

    2 Long Life Door Sensors

    1 Motion Detector

  • Sensors and Add-ons

    Sensors can be easily procured, pre-configured, and either shipped, picked up, or delivered for installation by our skilled technicians. Our $59 service for adding sensors encompasses 30 minutes of labor and can accommodate multiple sensor installations.

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    $20 - $50

    Price varies based on sensor type and features

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    $50 - $150

    Price varies based on sensor type and features

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    $35 - $90

    Price varies based on sensor type and features

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    $82 - $127

    Price varies based on sensor type and features

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    $95 - $145

    Price varies based on sensor type and features

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    Great for alerts

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    $85 - $150

    Connect your existing

    hard wired or most wireless sensors to your new alarm system

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    $50 - $80

    Price varies based on sensor type and features

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    Connect Plus only

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    Connect Plus only

  • Alltech Alarm Monitoring Service Options

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    Self Monitoring: When you're not around or when your business is closed, our notifications alert you to concerning activity at your home or business. Combine notifications with our yard signs, window stickers, and sirens for the best burglary deterrent.

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    Professional Monitoring: While you're asleep, away, or your business is closed, our expert agents swiftly take action. They contact emergency contacts and local police dispatch, ensuring your home or business is safeguarded. Pair this with our yard signs, window stickers, and sirens for unparalleled burglary deterrence.

  • Why install an alarm system and why from Alltech Alarm?


    Improtant factors

    Money - We tirelessly negotiate competitive prices for both equipment and essential services from leading providers, guaranteeing a cost-effective alarm system for you.

    Quality - We adhere to the time-tested standards with a remote/hideaway master control unit, while also implementing the latest advancements in system security, including encrypted sensors and a security-focused mobile app.

    Freedom - Enjoy the flexibility to cancel anytime, take your equipment with you when you relocate, and select from a wide array of DIY options or hundreds of nationwide servicing and monitoring companies.



    Statistics and Discounts

    Intruders are drawn to homes without alarm systems.

    Homes with alarms are 300% less likely to get robbed.

    Homeowners and renters typically qualify for insurance discounts upon installing a monitored alarm system.


    Peace of mind

    You'll always be connected.

    Stay informed about your property's activity with notifications, whether it's a garage door left open or your kids arriving home from school.

    During emergencies, our professional monitoring agents promptly notify you, your chosen contacts, and local law enforcement for swift assistance.


    Top-notch service

    We can normally install within 1-2 business days.

    We offer professional installation and ongoing DIY support for our customers.

    Alltech Monitoring offers month-to-month service without termination fees.

    No long contracts or equipment rebuys. Move your Alltech alarm system easily when you relocate.

    Easily switch monitoring companies anytime, as your alarm system is non-proprietary, offering you hundreds of service options nationwide.


  • FAQs

    Are you based in the San Fernando Valley area? We boast years of exceptional expertise, so don't hesitate to reach out with any specific inquiries you may have.

  • What our customers say.



    "Provided amazing support with our installation of video security and alarm systems. He was very timely and also Included video tutorial links and thorough explanations of how the systems work!"


    "The installations are close to perfect. I should know as I am a retired electrical contractor! Best of all, they are more than trustworthy!"


    "Buying a home now a days cost lots of money and I definitely didn't need to spend any more than I had to. I was able to get more bang for my buck with Alltech."


    "No surprises and the installation and monitoring prices are fair. An alarm either works or it doesn't and this one does."


    "My wife and I highly recommend Bill Johnson. He is very approachable, knowledgeable and professional. He installed a new security system for us and we are delighted with the outcome. His attention to detail is second to none and he genuinely looks out for the best interest of the customer. Great guy and highly recommended!"

  • Contact Us

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    By appointment only
  • Help Information and Video Links

    Alarm.com help documentation will be specific to your alarm system and services

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    Click the Keypad for Concord 4 Help Video Playlist

    includes sensor battery changes

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    Alarm.com Help Search

    common search topics: "Create a system user code", "Create a new login", "Notifications", "Configure a video analytics rule" etc.

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    Click the Image for LTS Camera Help Video

    Quick helps - LTS NVR Recorder