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    Customized alarm solutions for all security needs.

    Whether it's a studio apartment or a large commercial business Alltech has the security equipment for the job! Call 818-806-8807 now for a system designed and installed to meet your needs.

  • Custom Residential, Commercial, Assisted DIY or Monitoring Takeover

    All the systems we recommend at Alltech are proven in performance, ease of use and reliability.

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    Alltech Connect Plus Alarms

    Easy Setup:
    Quick and hassle-free installation process.
    No need for complicated wiring or professional installation.
    Customizable Security:
    Tailor the system to your specific needs with various sensor options.
    Remote Accessibility:
    Access and control your security system from anywhere using your smartphone.
    Receive real-time alerts and notifications for added peace of mind.
    24/7 Protection:
    Professional monitoring offers an extra layer of security, with immediate response to emergencies.
    Intuitive interface for easy navigation and operation.

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    Alltech Qolsys Security Alarms

    All-In-One Security and Automation System:
    The IQ4 is a comprehensive system that combines security and automation features in one.
    Popular and Highly Rated:
    IQ4 is among the most popular alarm systems in the country.
    Offers a contemporary and stylish security touch screen.
    Cost-Efficient Upgrade:
    Accommodates many existing alarm sensors, saving you money during the upgrade.
    Gives your security system a modern and popular look.
    Monitoring Options:
    Choose between self-monitoring or professional monitoring services.
    Professional monitoring available through Alarm.com and NMC Central for added security and peace of mind.

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    Alltech DSC Neo Security Alarm

    Custom Residential and Commercial:
    Tailored solutions for both residential and commercial properties.
    Versatile Sensor Compatibility:
    Supports a mix of wired and wireless sensors to accommodate your specific needs.
    Smart Home Integration:
    Options for seamless integration with smart home devices for enhanced automation.
    Full Interactive Control:
    Provides comprehensive, user-friendly control over your security and automation features.
    Monitoring Options:
    Choose between self-monitoring or professional monitoring services.
    Professional monitoring available through Alarm.com and NMC Central for comprehensive security coverage.

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    Alltech Takeover


    A cellular and internet alarm communicator with smartphone integration that connects to many existing alarm systems.

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    Click the Keypad for Concord 4 Help Video Playlist includes sensor battery changes

  • What our customers say.



    "Provided amazing support with our installation of video security and alarm systems. He was very timely and also Included video tutorial links and thorough explanations of how the systems work!"


    "The installations are close to perfect. I should know as I am a retired electrical contractor! Best of all, they are more than trustworthy!"


    "Buying a home now a days cost lots of money and I definitely didn't need to spend any more than I had to. I was able to get more bang for my buck with Alltech."


    "No surprises and the installation and monitoring prices are fair. An alarm either works or it doesn't and this one does."


    "My wife and I highly recommend Bill Johnson. He is very approachable, knowledgeable and professional. He installed a new security system for us and we are delighted with the outcome. His attention to detail is second to none and he genuinely looks out for the best interest of the customer. Great guy and highly recommended!"

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